Pastor Hagen's Message to the Congregation, 10/14/2020


Highlights of Elim's Preparedness Plan

(10/17/2020)  There appears to be some confusion over my posting of highlights of the Elim Preparedness Plan, which needs to be in place prior to Elim reopening, with the idea that this means Elim will be starting in church worship this Sunday.  To be clear, Elim will NOT be open for worship or any other activity this Sunday.  The Church Council has not approved this plan yet as it is still a work in process.  At their upcoming November Council Meeting the Council will consider a "Phased In" process for reopening that may allow small groups to meet in the building while still being closed off for larger group meetings, like worship.  My desire in providing the congregation with highlights of what the Council is doing is to keep you informed.  To be clear, Elim will not be open for weekly in church worship for at least another month, if not longer.  I apologize for any confusion my article may have caused.   Pastor Hagen.



Elim's Church Council met Tuesday night, Oct. 13, to consider the topic of Elim's reopening.  At that meeting Elim's SMART Team Task Force presented their draft "Preparedness Plan" for reopening.  This plan will need to be read, understood and followed by all who come into the building after reopening.  The Preparedness Plan is getting final details and will be mailed out to Elim members by the end of October.  This plan includes the following procedures.

  1. In person worship will begin at 8:30am Sunday mornings.  People are encouraged to arrive in enough time to proceed through the sanitation check in procedure.

  2. Only a maximum of 50% of fire code capacity will be allowed in the sanctuary at any one time.  This amount will be reduced by the need to maintain social distancing.  Therefore, the maximum occupancy of the sanctuary will be limited to 75 people.  Of this, 10 spaces will be reserved for non-member visitors leaving room for 65 members at any one time.  The balcony will remained closed.

  3. People entering the building will need to sign in with their name and phone number, be temperature checked, sanitize their hands, and wear a mask.

  4. For your protection, during the service the hymnals, bibles, paper and pew cushions in the pews will be removed in order to better manage sanitizing. 

  5. There will not be any group singing; Choir or Praise Group.

  6. Communion will be held in the pews (details are still being worked out on how).

  7. People will enter the church through the main entrance and leave immediately after the service is over by the exit near the Sacristy.

  8. All other rooms in the church will be closed, except designated bathrooms.  The lower level will remain closed at all times.  The lower level doors will remain locked.

  9. Virtual worship will continue to be held at 10:15am Sunday mornings.

  10. If maximum capacity is reached, those waiting to enter will be asked to return home and encouraged to worship via Zoom.


As an alternative, at the November Council Meeting the Council will take up a proposed "Phase Plan" for opening the building where Elim opens up for small group meetings first, then over time larger gatherings like worship will be allowed to meet.

In the meantime, Elim remains closed in order to protect your health and that of your faith family.  The Council acknowledges how difficult this waiting has been and wants to assure everyone that they are doing their best to mitigate the risks while working toward a safe reopening in the future.


Remember, Live Victoriously,


Pastor Jim Hagen




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God bless you this week and remember, God is with us!


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