Pastor Hagen's Weekly Message, 7/6/2020
To the members and friends of Elim Lutheran Church.



First, I want to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday.  She turned 86 yesterday and due to social distancing none of us could share her day in person.  So instead, my family got together via Zoom.  As with worship, its not the same as being there in person but it is a great way to connect and come together.  From the start of my ministry my mom has been my biggest supporter, praying for the Lord to use me to God's glory.  I love you mom.

The other day I went outside with the intention of washing my windows.  They had not been washed since about this time last year, it is not my favorite job.  I gathered together some glass cleaner and paper towels and put them on my picnic table, then proceeded to my shed to get the squeegee.  I must have been looking down or was spaced out in my thoughts because I totally didn't notice I had a visitor in my backyard.  As I stepped off my deck ad turned toward the shed I happened to look up and noticed, not 20 yards from me, a HUGE black bear.  It had come out from behind the other side of the shed I was heading toward and just stood there looking at me.  In those couple of seconds that always seem like forever, she and I just stood there looking at each other.  God's creation in all its beauty and danger, and me faced off wondering what would happen next.  In those fleeting moments I remember thinking, I hope she doesn't have a cub.  Then she was gone.  She ran across my yard and into the woods. 

I don't really accept that these kinds of happenings are a message from God but I do think the unexpected events in our life can teach us things.  So much of my life lately has been centered around staying safe and well, working from home, worshiping online and watching as our society redefines itself.  Then along comes a big Mama Bear, without a care in the world.  All she cared about was getting back to being a bear.  Covid meant nothing to her.  Politics didn't matter.  Life was to be lived and she was living it.  Not such a bad message for me to hear.  God is good and God is in control. 


I again want to remind everyone that starting July 16 Elim's will run out of our PPP (Payroll Protection Plan] loan that covered the cost of salaries for the last two months.  Those funds have been a blessing but they are now spent.  This means that going forward our congregation will have to cover our expenses through our regular offerings.  Please remember, as you are able, to continue supporting the ministry of Elim through your gifts, tithes and offerings.  Even though you may not see us, Elim's staff are working hard to bring the world the message of Jesus Christ. 

Your Servant,

Pastor Jim Hagen




P.S.    Thank you for keeping Elim in your prayers and continuing to financially support Elim's ministry.  With the closing of worship services Elim's offerings have dropped.  One saving grace has been the offerings Elim receives through electronic giving.  If you haven't considered using electronic giving please consider it.  I personally use it and like it.  If you would like to try it out you can click HERE where you can give a one time or repeating donation, or you can scan the QR code. 


God bless you this week and remember, God is with us!


Pastor Jim

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