Pastor Hagen's Weekly Message, 9/14/2020
To the members and friends of Elim Lutheran Church.


My grandson LOVES playing video games.  He is sitting at the kitchen table with me as I write this and is giving me a blow by blow commentary of the game he is engaged in.  He knows how to move through the different levels, getting new "Legendaries" as he advances.


It amazes me how far these games have advanced since I was first made aware of computer based video games.  I was a first year student at the U of M.  Word quietly swept around the campus that the library had computers (shhhhh).  There were only four and they were in a private room behind glass walls and were strictly off limits to the general student body.  But, if you had the password, you could access the computers and play "Star Wars".  Of course, I wanted the password and eventually got it.  

That was a lot of years ago.  Personal computers were still not available to the public.  The "Star Wars" game was not like the graphics hungry games we have today.  It was little more than an arrowhead shaped space ship that you moved right and left across the bottom of the screen shooting small dots at other arrow shaped ships dropping down from the top.  Pretty sad by today's standards but at the time it was state of the art.  Cutting edge enough to motivate a young freshman to break the rules and sneak into the computer lab to play it.

It didn't take the U. very long to find out what we were doing and they quickly changed the password.  Each of these early computers cost thousands of dollars and they didn't want any undergraduate to break them by playing a video game.  Thus ended my early ventures into cutting age technology. 

What's my point?  Nothing really.  Just a walk down memory lane.  Technology has advanced so far since I was a new student at the University.  I have to believe that Elim's freshman class will look back fifty years from now and see how antiquated our technology is today.  But that's life.  What occupies our lives today; our dreams and hopes, will be drowned out by tomorrows advances.  My assurance amidst all this change is in the truth of Jesus words: "I am the same yesterday, today and forever." 

So hang in there.  Join me in doing a little reminiscing.  Remember when our parents thought Elvis was corrupting the minds of young people?  Those were the days.  Yet most would say we turned out ok.   It's all in God's hands.


So, Live Victoriously,





Pastor Jim Hagen




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God bless you this week and remember, God is with us!


Pastor Jim

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