Pastor Hagen's Message to the Congregation, 1/20/2021

When You Hear Words You Never Expected To Hear.

This past Monday my wife and I left Urgent Care a bit confused and worried.  On Sunday morning, before worship, I remember telling Deb that I had a cough but don't worry, I felt it was just the onset of a cold.  My wife also had cold like symptoms and even in this age of Covid, there had to be cold germs floating around our world.  By Monday morning my wife's symptoms were worrisome enough that her work sent her home, telling her to go get tested.  So by 9 that morning we were sitting in my truck, getting a quick result Covid test.  Twenty minutes later we heard the words, "You are positive for Covid." 

All the images that have been flooding the news feeds over the past ten months of sick Covid patients on respirators filled my mind.  Am I next?  Getting Covid has become so frightening, far more so than H1N1 ever was.  And now we have it.  It's our turn.  How will we be as we go through what Dr. Fauci has been warning us against getting for nearly a year?   

So, how did we get it?  We don't know.  We, like many of you, have been very careful and we seldom go out.  My wife works each  morning but has been so conscientious about cleaning her work area that her hands were literally raw.  I've been working at home most days, with only occasional trips to church.  

In the blur of the moment after hearing the diagnosis, the doctor gave us a glimmer of hope.  She offered us the opportunity to receive a new infusion therapy that shows hope of lessening the severity of the symptoms.  Tuesday morning my wife and I received the infusion with gladness.

As of now, we are laying low, and resting a lot.  We are fatigued, and have a cough.  So far, so good.  None the less, from one who is living it, please be careful.  Wear your masks.  Wash your hands.  Social distance and carry on.




Remember, Live Victoriously,


Pastor Jim Hagen




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God bless you this week and remember, God is with us!


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