Elim Lutheran Church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).


6101 Cody Street

Duluth, MN  55807




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Elim's newsletter is called "the Messenger" and is published approximately 4 times a year.  Click on the links below to see what has been going on at Elim and what you might want to get involved in.

the Messenger


Upcoming Events


                       2020 Lenten Series

                  Pastor Hagen Presents: 
                        The Water of Life



  1. February 26        Ash Wednesday.  “Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust”

  2. March 4               “Creation” (Genesis 1).  Life began from chaos.  Whether one believes in the biblical story of creation or science’s latest theory, all life arose out of water, consist of water, finds relief in water.  Pastor Hagen will take us on a journey through the story of creation to show how God’s plan came into being using water, regardless which story you accept.

  3. March 11             “Noah: Creation Reboot” (Genesis 6).   Did you know there are two stories of the flood in the bible?  Did you know that the flood lasted 40 days and nights, or a full year, depending on which story you hear?  Did you know two of every animal came onto the arc, or seven pairs of clean animals and one pair of unclean animals came on board, depending on which one you read?  Did you know the flood story has a connection to a much older flood story that originates in Babylon?  In all of them, God uses water to reboot creation.  The story of the flood is about washing away sin and being reborn.  Sounds a lot like baptismal theology.

  4. March 18             “The Red Sea: Salvation, Now What?” (Genesis 14).  Pastor Hagen will bring us on back in time to Israel’s escape from Egypt and their salvation through the waters of the Red Sea.  But just as they set foot on the shores of the Sinai the reality of walking through the desert set in.  Life was going to be hard.  Pastor Hagen will show us how when our back is up against the sea, there’s no going back.  God’s salvation lies ahead.

  5. March 25             “Elim: An Answer to Prayer” (Exodus 15).  People love to complain.  Even when things are going well there seems to always be something we don’t like.  Israel complained about the heavy tasks laid on them by Egypt, the Red Sea blocking their way, their lack of water to drink.  Each time the peoples’ immediate needs overshadowed God’s presence with them.  Pastor Hagen will teach us to always trust God.    

  6. April 1                   “Jesus Gets Wet: Identity” (Luke 3).  Who are you?  A father, mother, daughter or son, white, African American, Hispanic, store clerk, bus boy, doctor, office manager.  We like to identify people by their attributes and accomplishments.  Pastor Hagen will suggest that maybe a better question is, whose are you? 

  7. April 9                   Maundy Thursday (Matthew 26).  Jesus changes everything.  We get comfortable with our traditions then Jesus comes along and turns them upside down.  But through it all it is still the blood of the Lamb that forgives.


Annual Hotdish Cookoff: Sunday, March 15 after worship
Dig out your favorite Hotdish recipe, something Irish is a plus, and bring it on Sunday, March 15.  Attendees will vote for the People's Choice Award, a Perkins Pie Certificate.  There will also be a Joke Telling contest.